Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy 2013!

I know this is a bit late, and I haven't been blogging much, both of which are what I look forward to changing.

I guess part of the reason is because I do so much writing in the day, which happens to be what I do for a living, and that I am just too lazy to do the same at home. But it hasn't really taken my passion for blogging or writing.

2012 came and went in a flash. I'm still coming to terms at entering the new year!

Before I present my customary list of "resolutions" (an oft-used word I want to avoid but I haven't thought of a good enough alternative), I think it is always wise to look back and reflect on what went right and what could have gone better for the previous year.

2012 had been absolutely packed with different happenings, involving various emotions. Ups and downs, you name it, I've experienced it.

I guess the following are worth noting:
- I left my previous organisation, a public agency, in May to an industry of my number 1 passion - football!
- In the first half of the year, I truly experienced a series of ups and downs. I got into this huge disagreement with my boss at work early in the year, and I was determined to leave the organisation, having lost confidence in the management under my boss. I was actually part of the management team, which probably made it more difficult for me. However, in the face of an unappreciative boss who lack man-management skills, I wanted to leave a mark before I depart. I worked even harder than before (that is not to say I don't usually work hard, I always do!) to complete 2 big projects before I left. And in the mist of it all, I even managed to find a job that I couldn't say no to (my current job). In the end, to leave my boss surprised at my energy and efficiency at work when I finally quit, was thoroughly satisfying to me. My boss was finally swayed in her opinion of me, and that was what I had intended to do. I'm not a worker who simply quit just because I cannot accept certain things at work as I'm not a quitter. To leave for a much better opportunity in a job that I love is just a bonus.
- I had 2 holidays while I was clearing leave, both with different groups of friends which I enjoyed immensely. I've not had a proper holiday since I started work there and it was a fitting way to say good bye in the end. But I have to say I have no regrets working there, I learnt quite a fair bit and it was good to acquire my first management/supervisory experience. It was just a pity that the boss who chose me for employment was transferred internally due to a promotion, and she was indeed a boss who earned my utmost respect. It was just a pity I couldn't get along with the replacement and I was just too opinionated for her liking, ironically the same trait was what my earlier boss liked about me
- Then I left to join my current employers, and I've managed to fulfill so many of my dreams, it's amazing.

Lessons learnt:
- Be daring, take the leap of faith, you never know what you will find; more often than not, you will be pleasantly surprised
- Be positive, even in the darkest of times
- Keep your faith in God (if you think you made it without God, then why should you blame God if you don't?)
- Don't forget to play hard even as you work hard -  a good break does wonders for your overall happiness and work efficiency
- Catch up with friends often; don't let them grow distant from you before it's too late

Targets for 2013:
- Doubling my savings account by the end of the year
- Achieve my ideal weight of 62kg
- Attempt a marathon
- Enroll in a Masters course in communications
- Blog more

What are yours?


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